Amerone goes Black & White for Christmas


Especially for the holidays to come we have added a range of usefull Black & White products.

Cold Feet ?

The favorite this year are the Hot Bootz en Hot Slippies.
And now available in Black or Whiet.

Freezing hands ?

Get ready for the cooler weather with these reusable hand warmers which are
recharged by plugging them into the wall or a computer USB port.
Hot Rox hand warmers are simple, safe and easy to use.

Nice and warm on the couch ?
The Slanket TV Fleece Blankets now also in Black

Still looking for a Xmas Tree ?

Also in Black and White, with Snow, Lights and music.

Always looking for your mobile Phone ?

We have the solution the Burg Mobile Phone Watch !
And ofcourse in Black or White.

Looking for a men’s Gift ?
What about Edwin Jagger Gift Sets.
Ivory porcelain shaving bowl with handle, Black or White.
English shaving brush, imitation ivory,
medium, super badger with drip stand.
Edwin Jagger® natural traditional shaving soap 65g/2.30 oz

Ofcourse we have also colourful gifts, like the Sleepy Bears,
or different USB Gadgets, like Christmas Trees or a Snowman.

Visit the Amerone Christmas Top 10 Website and have a look around.

Happy Holidays,