Maintaining your website – webshops.

Frequently I get the question: “How much time do you spend on your webshop(s)”.

Last week I read an article from one of those ecommerce consultants, in which he stated an hour or 2 per day should be enough to maintain your webshop…..Probably talking about a very very tiny tiny little webshop !

My answer to the above questions: not enough ! Euh:  what do you mean ?

Well I spend a minimum of 6 hours per day, 7 on 7 on one webshop, and I have several webshops.
Let me explain. I lost a lot of sales today because I was not alert enough on a press release.
which was even announced because someone asked if they could use a picture from the website for publication.
The article in the shop was more or less hidden, because it has been put on “end of life”.
This press release gave it a boost again but people must have had a hard time to find it……

So I placed it on the front page with a direct link, added the product to several directories in the shop and reduced the price to make it even more attractive. Checked all the “search words” used in the shop related to the product and added a direct link to all the queries used by potential customers. And added even better pictures.
This only took about 60 minutes…for one product in one language

The new store “The Cat’s Giftshop” is so time consuming that I realy should hire someone in the near future.
Today I only spend 4 hours on linkbuilding with the poor result of only two serious links placed.

For tomorrow on the list: update of about 26 articles, adjusting pricing, write better content, writing better SEO, putting a special offer together for Albert Dubout stuff, updating my FB pages and try to get a newsletter written with all the new products. And in between there are invoices and packages to make.
Answer about 60-90 emails….and the never ending storing of making small but important changes like translations, the webshop is in 4 languages and some articles are put in the shop in english first but must be translated into the other 3 languages.
At the end of this month a very big marketing campaign starts in Germany so, the german website must be ready….
So 2 hours per day ? Idiot.
But I’am not complaining…The Cat’s Gift Shop is growing and growing every day….so it gives a tremendous satisfaction.


Have fun out there….


Feel free to comment or add your own experience.