Languages Taal Communicatie Communication

It’s a joy to live in a country with several languages, or not ?

One big assumption: “everybody speaks english”  . Wrong !
Being in the online business and with customers all over Europe it’s not easy.
And we do spent a lot of money in translations for our websites

Recently we did send 118 emails only to Belgian Customers and only in English.
(We usually send emails in 3 languages or at least in Dutch and French)

The email said that the delivery of their order was delayed till 3/8.

This being just a short notice I thought it was no problem to put it only in english.

So wrong.

The result was many phonecalls and emails.
And most of them not so friendly.
I can understand the problem between Dutch(Vlaams) and French (Walon) in Belgium.
(Nice topic for an other blog)

Anyhow an other lesson learned.
Using the right language in your communication is very important to keep your customer happy.

Have fun.