24 hours and a few weeks later

Well this project is getting to an end.
And we sure learned a lot again, it has put us with our two feet back on planet earth.
The project was for one of  Belgium largest telecom operators. And we feel sorry it ends this week.

Well not completely, still some backorders due to the fact that the big guys can not deliver in time. And ofcourse a lot of bookkeeping. We did not only take care of the sales but also the invoicing,purchasing and delivery to the customers.
I have to thank the people at Ogone and Athos for their superb support in the past 4 weeks and setting up the new accounts so quickly. And also our business partnet Peter H Claes from BGifts, who helped us out in the past few weeks.

Also this project made us think about the future of Amerone.
 With the experience of the last few week we will try to get more business like this.
Because this kind of fulfilment services, short or long term  is wat we are good at.
• e-Commerce projects, webshops
• Taking orders (written, by phone and digital)
• Preparing orders for shipment to (end) consumers
• Stock management and storage
• Financial fulfilment including follow-up
• Client service and handling returns

So just a short update, to be continued.

Have fun, Mike