Can you put a webshop online in 24 hours ?

That was the question 4 weeks ago on a friday evening around 09.00h.

Uh, yes why not, how many products ?
Around 10 articles with some text and in two languages.
OK, no problem.
Can we meet saterday ?
Yes why not I’am in the online business, so days and hours don’t excists. (Some companies like banks do not understand this)
Can you set up a kind of demo by tomorrow ?
Yes why not. 
Fortunately I worked with a software; Shopfactory for years, and this software has the advantage that you just make a copy of an other store, change the layout and name and you have a brand new store. With all legal stuff in it like Terms & Conditions, Privacy and so on. I have a default store, which can be changed in minutes.
Including payment services.
At the meeting it seemed I had 14 days to complete the webshop. This seems enough but:
They wanted separate payment services. This took some time. Although customer for years you have to go through all the paperwork again. And that is a lot. Not only that, but you get a security screening aswell , in person I mean, I guy came around to check everything out and to explain the safety and precautions rules.
Anyhow with the great help from the people at Ogone, all went pretty smooth and we had the payment set up in nearly a week. Faxing papers, contracts, more contracts and more contrats back and forth. 
The store is online now for 14 days and doing it’s job. Orders are coming in, pretty smooth with not too much problems.

These projects give us a lot of usefull information again;  
It is surprising to find out again how many people are not used to buying online or have problems with paying online. We did foresee this and we do accept orders by ordinairy mail and fax. Even in person, some people drive miles to give us the orderform.
Second observation: it’s seems that people find it difficult to read online.
We do get the same questions a lot. Altough the explantion is on the website, in the brochure and on the commmercial website and even repeated during the order proces. 
This makes it clear to me that good communication on the website is not enough.
And good support by phone and being there after the normal business hours is a very and very valuable asset.
This has put us with our nose on the the important things about a webshop again.
Unfortunately I can not reveal the website for the moment, because it’s a private project and lasts only 5 weeks.
Anyhow if any questions feel free to ask.

Have fun,